How Much Can a TimberJacks Axe Throwing Venue Franchise Gross in Sales?

By Axe Throwing Solutions

By Axe Throwing Solutions

When considering the estimation of potential sales revenue for your axe throwing venue, it is important to take into account various market influences and geographic elements that can significantly impact the outcome. These factors, though not particularly thrilling to discuss, play a crucial role in determining the success of such ventures. However, when approaching TimberJacks about a franchise opportunity, they are well-equipped to provide you with the necessary information regarding these aspects. Their expertise enables them to analyze and assess market conditions and geographical nuances meticulously, allowing them to offer valuable insights into estimating potential sales revenue for your axe throwing venue.

TimberJacks Kidderminster - 10 Lane Venue

David Hinton, the Founder of TimberJacks Clubs and their franchise offering, explains that when considering turnover, it is most effective to assess what can typically be achieved on a lane basis. He compares lanes to owning a portfolio of rental houses, as each one has the potential to deliver a monthly income. However, based on their experience, they have found that the greater the number of lanes you have does not necessarily generate the most profit. Surprisingly, they observed that their smallest venue generates the highest net profit. This suggests that going big is not always synonymous with success in this context. According to Timberjacks’ experience in this industry, their lane yields range from £1700 – £6000 per month – per lane.

Achieving Higer Lane Yields

To deliver the high end of this range, besides venue location and of course establishment, the following elements, namely range, price, availability, standards, and service play a vital role in delivering maximum lane sales. These factors encompass various aspects that contribute to enhancing customer satisfaction and driving revenue.


Firstly, the range of products and services offered by TimberJacks becomes a crucial aspect in attracting diverse customers with varying preferences. Secondly, having competitive pricing strategies is essential as it influences customers’ purchasing decisions and their perception of value for money. Additionally, ensuring sufficient availability of lanes to accommodate customers at any given time helps meet their demands promptly while minimising waiting times. Maintaining high standards across all operations further reinforces TimberJacks’ reputation as a reliable and trustworthy establishment among potential visitors.


Finally, exceptional service provided by well-trained staff creates memorable experiences for patrons which encourages repeat visits and positive word-of-mouth recommendations. By joining TimberJacks you will access a strategy that strongly focuses on these elements and the operational structures required to deliver them.

Axe Throwing Solutions is dedicated to providing bespoke Axe Throwing installations and much more, with the expertise of TimberJacks behind us.




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