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Latest Project - Axeology, Southampton

Axe Throwing Solutions

TimberJacks have been involved in the axe throwing scene since 2018. To date, we’ve established a chain of axe throwing venues and boast the largest mobile axe throwing business in the UK. It’s safe to say we know quite a bit about delivering the best axe throwing entertainment.

Through natural progression, our drive and unrivalled experience have led us to develop a number of axe throwing solutions aimed at the home and leisure markets. These have been designed with safety at the core and a determination to deliver memorable play experiences.

2 Lane Indoor Axe Throwing Cage


Our indoor axe throwing cages have been created to enable leisure businesses to offer axe throwing within their existing indoor trading environment. They are also suited to any new axe throwing venture whether temporary or long-term. Designed with safety in mind they feature an all round steel safety cage complete with optional security doors. The target end is fully sacrificial and easily maintained. 

2 Lane Outdoor Axe Throwing Hut


Business or Pleasure?

Fancy a spot of axe throwing in the comfort of your back garden? Well that’s exactly what we’re being asked for across both our venues and the festival scene. Whether you’re an axe throwing enthusiast or you’re looking to entertain the kids or friends when barbecuing this Summer – our outdoor axe throwing huts will certainly hit the target!

Alternatively, if you are looking to earn a revenue from axe throwing in an outdoor environment you’re in the right place. Designed with safety at the core, investments can be returned very quickly and the entertainment possibilities are very exciting. Furthermore, revenue can be increased in line with your captured audience simply by adding more axe throwing huts to your site.