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Axe Throwing Solutions

Posted by the team at Axe Throwing Solutions

Recently, we have had the pleasure of supplying the team at Axeology Axe Throwing with two of our two-lane indoor axe throwing cages, as part of a brand new axe throwing venue they are setting up in Southampton. In this article, we have documented our trip to the south coast to install the pristine axe cages inside the new premises.
As a brand new start up axe throwing venue, Axeology needed a supplier for their equipment, that would not only provide a high-quality bespoke solution, but also has valuable expertise and experience in the industry to deliver assistance and advice on how to maximise their service and make the most of their axe throwing cages. Axe Throwing Solutions fits the bill perfectly, as we have the power of TimberJacks behind us – market leaders in the industry with four popular UK venues.
When you order from Axe Throwing Solutions, all products are first handcrafted at our Welshpool factory. We always consult in detail with our customers prior to commencement of any build, to best tailor our products to their premises. This project was no different – we had already manufactured the individual parts at our factory prior to our visit, and we carefully transported them to Southampton ourselves.
One particular area where our expertise and experience came in is where we recommended to the customer to use wooden flooring as a base for the cage. As TimberJacks uses similar wooden flooring in the Shrewsbury venue, we knew that the durability and hard-wearing nature of the surface serves well when it is used by hundreds of people every day, while also contributing towards the overall axe throwing ‘theme’.
While a wood flooring is ideal for its hard wearing and durable nature, it could always do with some extra help. That’s why we applied a length of heavy-duty grooved rubber matting to the first quarter of the floor, more specifically the area where the axe is most likely to fall onto, for extra protection and durability.
One of the finishing touches for these axe throwing cages is the half-height wood cladding on each side, which adds a beautiful finishing touch to the appearance of the cages. Not only does the cladding look good, but just above it is a surface that runs the length of the cage, designed for bystanders and spectators to have somewhere to put their drinks while watching!
Of course, we must not forget to put the target boards on! Along with a few final things such as spot lighting, that was the final step of this build, and it was good to go!
The build went really well, and after only a matter of hours, it was complete. The customer was present to make sure it got his seal of approval, and it sure did, even trying it out for himself! Overall, this was a successful job from start to finish, and there is no doubt that our bespoke solutions will be in use for many years to come at Axeology in Southampton.


Axe Throwing Solutions could help you to deliver a world class permanent axe throwing experience to your customers too. Whether it be a holiday park, leisure centre or more, get in touch with us for a high-quaility, bespoke solution that will maximise your revenue.